We manufacture buses basing on the bodies of VW Crafter and MAN.
These buses have a capacity of up to 22 passengers + crew.

The minibuses we build are used both in tourism, municipal and suburban transportation as well as for transporting handicapped persons. Depending on the vehicle version, it is fitted with the equipment, matching a particular type of transportation.

The passengers may get on the vehicle through the main door or side sliding door. A considerable amenity for travelers (getting on/off) is electric door with a lowered platform or adjusted mechanical door and double, lowered entry step

We offer a wide range of upholstery fabrics and seats of well-recognized manufactures.  Depending on the needs, the seats are mounted on a flat floor or customized elevated deck. The deck contains heating vents and dedicated lighting for nigh driving.

The travelers can take advantage of overhead lockers with side LEDs (night/daily mode) and panels, including customized air-condition vents, sound system and additional lighting

This is the Client, who selects the type of glazing, air-condition, heating… Depending on the needs, we mount additionally AV equipment (DVD players, LCD monitors), reversing camera, CB radios, navigation, GPS systems, car fridges and mini-bars

The vehicle interior could become more exclusive when adding up some extra items, e.g. leather seats, LED installation in the headliner, carper flooring or cabin dashboard finishing (mahogany or carbon).

Bus external design can be enriched through high panoramic windows, trunk lid, a spoiler kit corresponding to the body coating, chrome mirrors and handles  as well as painting of side moldings and front grill. The Clients who wish to have more space for the luggage are provided with a special structure of the deepened trunk.

Our vehicles are secured with a two-year warranty. We offer type-approvals and all relevant documents for vehicle registration. Furthermore, we deliver the TEMPO 100 Certificate, that allows the bus for driving 100 km/h.